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Tintin is the amazing young reporter who travels all around the world and beyond in the act of solving mysteries, catching criminals, finding treasure and making exciting discoveries. He is accompanyed on his trips by some of the stangest, most eccentric and all around fun and funny companions. Questions? Comments? Wanna talk about Tintin? E-Mail me at or if you have Aol instant messanger, you can find me on EdGeorge29, Spackle29, EdSaunders29, Kevdyson29, YanceThigpen29 and Tintin0029. Thanks for coming to my page, enjoy! -Sam

Here is a description of some of the many charactors from the Tintin seires.

Tintin is the main charactor of the seires, he is a reporter, with a taste for adventure, he is clever and many times has narrowly avoided death, only to quickly run back into danger. Through doing this he has brought many criminals to justice, stopped many crime rings and saved his friends lives many times.

Snowy is Tintn's alchoholic dog, he loves Loch Lomond whisky. But despite being a drunkard he is very good at sniffing out enemys, chewing through ropes tying up his master, and scaring gorillas with a single bark. He has saved Tintin many times over.

Captain Haddock is even more of an alchoholic that Snowy, he loves the same brand and is often drinking it despite being president of the S.S.S. (Society of Sober Sailors). He is often dragged into adventures that he does not wish to go on, but once on them he is courageos, especially when he gets mad and an array of bizzare insults can be found flying from his mouth.

Proffessor Cuthbert Calculus is a sheer genius, despite being almost completely deaf, or as he puts it "justa little hard of hearing." He seems only to propperly hear the phrase "stop acting the goat" wich enrages him beyond compare. His devices have been what got Tintin into many adventures and what got him out of many adventures alive.

Thomson (curly mustache) and Thompson (strait mustache) are a couple of buglung idiot detectives, despite being so stupid they are among the most fun charactors to read about because of the idiotic stunts. I guess that's just what happens when your motto is "dumb's the word."

Bianca Castafiore, A.K.A. the "Milanese Nightengale, is a powerfull opera singer, in the sence that whenever the Captain hears her sing it reminds him of a hurrican that hit his ship in the west indies. Despite her manny apearances singing she is only heard to sing "the jewel song from faust" in all of the adventures.

Chang is a young chinese boy who Tintin rescued from a flood wich claimed his parents. Chang was later adopted into the family of and old chinese man who helps tintin stopa drug ring in "the blue lotus." Tintin rescues Chang again in "tintin in tibet" where Chang is trapped in the Tibetan mauntains being cared for by a yeti.

General Alcazar is the part time president/dictator of the republic of San Theodors, the other time he is rebelling to gain back that power from General Tapioca. Eventually Alcazar becomes a knife thrower on the music hall stage under the name of Ramon Zarate.

Rastapopolus is prime evil, and he'l tell you himself if you give him a needle of special truth syrum. He seems to be the leader of every crime organization in the Tintin books, he smuggles everything from opium to slaves, and even kidnapped a millionair and held him to his own ransom. Needless to say Tintin foils al of Rastapopolus's plans. Rastapopolus is also known as "The Marqui di Gorgonzola."

Nestor is the Captains dedicated butler, who has more than his hands full taking care of Captan Haddock's house. He was once butler the the notoriouse Bird brothers, of whoms plans he did not participate, he was simply their butler.

Joylon Wagg is nothing short of the single most annoying charactor in any of the strorys, even more annoying than abdullah. He shows up just when you think your free of him, with more insurance policies from th company he works for, "rock bottom insurance" and spouting more bad jokes about his uncle anatole that only he laughs at.

heres a couple of pictures of tintin and his companions



Captain Haddock being pushed by Castafiore

a member of the drug smuggling brotherhood from "cigars of the Pharoh"

and here's the whole groupp from the town of marlinspike

One last giant Tintin and Snowy picture


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